Note: At this time, only Débutant 1/Beginner 1 is in development. The next expected courses will be Débutant/Beginner 2,  French 1 (High school beginner French) and FLA 4 (French Immersion Language Arts grade 4 for former immersion students).

Débutant/Beginner 1 is a course suitable for most students grades 4 and up, although some of the activities may feel a little too young for high school students. High school students would, however, likely have the ability to work very quickly through the course while still learning a lot. (High school courses will be available in the future.) Many grade 3 students will be able to do the course, as well as some grade 2 students and possibly grade 1 students, based on reading ability and overall readiness. Membership applies to the whole family, meaning more than one child can be using Beginner 1 at the same time.

The course is designed using the Alberta French as a Second Language Program of Studies for grade 4 and intended for those who have not learned any French. If your child has done some French, but not much, this would still be a good starting point as the courses will build on each other. Since memberships are not per course but by month, if your child finishes the course quickly because of skill or previous experience, then, if available, you can simply get a membership to the next level when your child is done.

Everything needed for the course is online or printable to do offline. Online quizzes are self-marking and can be done over and over as practice or until the desired result is achieved. I do not have a gradebook for this course. There are, however, assessments at the end of each unit that can be printed off and done by hand, and the answers to those assessments can be requested but aren’t readily available so that students don’t print them off with the assessments.

Topics covered in this level do not go according to the order suggested in the Alberta Program of Studies. The order, and unit titles, will instead be:

*Qui suis-je?/Who am I?
-introducing yourself and others, talking about how you are, your age, your birthday, your physical and personality traits, your likes and dislikes
-certain elements from other units will be included

*Les choses scolaires/School stuff
-typical interactions for any kind of lesson time, people involved in a classroom/lesson group, supplies, classroom furniture, arithmetic operations and shapes

*Ma famille/My family
-the names of immediate family members, their age, their physical and personality traits, their likes and dislikes, family pets

Other topics mixed in:
*holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (these topics may not match the date your child does them due to the ability to start the course at any time of the year and being self-paced), one Alberta winter celebration

*weather and calendar: days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather expressions

*grammar concepts include, but are not limited to: plural and singular, masculine and feminine nouns, definite and indefinite articles, words to indicate “my” and “your”, using “est-ce que” for questions, the verbs “avoir” and “être” in present tense, as well as others as applicable to the themes