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The goals for this lesson:

  • understand and say “Hello” and “Goodbye”
  • understand when someone is asking you what your name is and know how to answer
  • know how to ask someone else their name
  • know how to ask someone how they are doing and understand their answer
  • understand when someone is asking you how you are and what to say to answer them
  • make the connection with the above oral work to the written

For this lesson:

1. Watch the video. Watch it twice or many times if you need to. Try to repeat out loud everything you can and try to answer out loud all of the questions. If you are uncomfortable speaking in French out loud by yourself, try to have a family member do it with you or as a worst-case scenario, think the answer in your head.

The video may be experiencing technical difficulties if you are using Firefox. If the picture stays stuck on “Madame Déry” or the words don’t seem to match up with the image, please try Chrome or Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge.

2. After you feel you know the French words from the video pretty well, print off the French word cards here and the English ones here.

*First, practise reading the French words out loud. Go back to the video if you need help.
*Second, match the French words with the English words.

Keep the cards in an index card box or maybe a couple of labelled envelopes. You’ll be using them again for other activities and can use them every day for practice.

3. For something a little fun, create drawings of people, faces, animals, whatever you wish but they are responding to the question, “Comment ça va?” and write the correct expression underneath: Ça va bien. Ça va mal. Ça va comme ci, comme ça. You can take a picture and share it in the forum. If you want something even more challenging, create a comic strip with the French conversational phrases you have learned so far. 


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