Welcome to @Home French, where your children can learn French from the comfort of your home!


How does this work?

  • You register your child or entire family for a monthly membership to the level of your choice.
  • All of the lessons and answers are available online.
  • You can either follow the pace suggested (5 lessons a week, a lesson per school day) or go your own pace; whatever works for you. There is no time limit. If your child gets through all the lessons in a few months and is ready to subscribe to the next level, they can do that. If it takes them more than a year to finish a level, that’s okay, too.
  • Lessons might include a video to watch, audio to listen to (and repeat), online quizzes, things to read out loud, things to print off and work on offline…
  • There is a forum to ask questions and share things in French and the opportunity to meet online to practise speaking in French with me.

What’s available?

At the moment, only Beginner 1 Beta is available. More about the content here.

Beginner 1 is designed for grades 4 and up, but suitable for students younger than that who are strong readers, and it is also open to older beginner students.

FREE lessons to check out:

The first lesson is available for everyone here. You can also check out a St. Patrick’s holiday lesson here.

Additional Notes:

Beginner 1 is not yet fully complete, which is why it’s in Beta. (There are lots of lessons ready for you to start today!) Because of this, subscriptions will be only $10CDN/month. Yes, that’s for the whole family. This special subscription price for this course will last as long as you maintain membership in Beginner 1. Once the course is fully up, new subscribers will pay $15CDN/month. There will be no more than 180 lessons in all, which means it is designed to do up to 5 lessons per week if the goal is to be done within 9 months, or you can space it out as you wish. There is now also the option to pay a lump sum payment of $100 CDN for the Beta course, which gives you lifetime access to Beginner 1.

More advanced levels may be made available if there is sufficient interest.

All courses will offer video and audio components, printable worksheets, online self-marking activities, access to the sharing and help forum and weekly online conversational times.

Who’s developing these courses?

I am Madame Déry and I live in Alberta, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Education in French Immersion Education, but have been a homeschooling parent who has been teaching FSL to homeschooled students in recent years.

Where do I sign up?

Just have a look at the links at the top right! 🙂

To stay informed of updates and the availability of new courses, please send an email to info@athomefrench.com